What’s the only thing you love more than sleep?  It’s probably food.

Now guess what the theme of the Boston Comics Roundtable’s latest Inbound anthology was? It was food.

So logic dictates that you’ll love it just as much, if not more than sleeping.

The food issue is just that, stories about food. Fiction and non-fiction. It’s in Boston area book stores and comic shops now, and it’s available online at the BCR website. Inbound #5 debuted at M.I.C.E and it’s getting some pretty good reviews and I’ve been lazy about spreading the word until now, mostly because I hadn’t had a chance to sit down and read through the entire thing…until now. My favorite story has to be LineO’s The Sardine’s Tale but I genuinely love this book as a whole.

I managed to work an actual recipe into my story, The Nine Onion Rings of Hell. It plays on the Dr. Strange/Wong paradigm, with the servant using magic to teach a demanding sorcerer a lesson by putting a hex on his lunch. Here’s some images from my story, and you can see some more samples from the book here.

Make sure you pick up a copy wherever you can and let me know if you end up cooking my spicy onion-ring recipe.