And we’re back.

The site has been redesigned thanks to some Albanian hackers effectively deleting the old site off my server. Thanks guys!

I’m working to get all the content back up on the site but in the meantime you can check out the Boston Comics Roundtable and the Outbound blog. Outbound #2 is out soon and ‘Flek’ continues with it’s second installment. I’m working on part three now and the style is changing a bit. I’ll post some sketches after I get the site back to 100%.

And the BCR just announced the theme for Inbound #5…FOOD…so I’m working on my story for that as well. I’m going to work an actual recipe into my story so you’ll be able to cook straight from the anthology. I’m starting the rumor that Inbound #5 is going to be printed on scratch and sniff paper. Pass it on.