• The Monsters Project

    At SPX I got to talk to a couple of the people behind the scenes at Comics Alliance about the Monsters Project they put together with the CBLDF. They collected some really great monster art from a lot of great cartoonists over the past couple months and the result is The Monsters Poject. Here’s the…

  • INBOUND #5

    INBOUND #5

    What’s the only thing you love more than sleep?  It’s probably food. Now guess what the theme of the Boston Comics Roundtable’s latest Inbound anthology was? It was food. So logic dictates that you’ll love it just as much, if not more than sleeping. The food issue is just that, stories about food. Fiction and…

  • Sketch dump!

    Sketch dump!

  • Steve Rude Art!

    Steve Rude Art!

    Steve Rude had/is having a huge art sale to help with some financial woes. The Dude is one of my favorite artist’s and I love his work on Nexus which I’ve been buying as the hardbound Dark Horse archives. Here’s a page I picked up from one of Steve’s eBay auctions. Check out www.steverude.com for…

  • M.I.C.E. 2010

    M.I.C.E. 2010

    So MICE (the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) is one of my new favorite shows to table at. I’ll always love SPX for the cartoonist crowd and seeing people I otherwise never see, but MICE has stolen the show for attendees. I’ve never seen such constant crowds of people so thoroughly interested in all the random…

  • SPX!

    SPX was a blast. I sold a bunch of minis and buttons and of course the BCR anthologies. I got in late Sunday and had to get up for work early this morning so I’ll post a proper recap with some journal comics later tonight. *Also, hello newcomers.  I know the sites a little wonky,…

  • Inbound #5

    Inbound #5

    Here’s a sketch I did while working on my story for Inbound #5. The theme is food and I managed to work an actual recipe into my story. Read it and eat it.

  • And we’re back.

    The site has been redesigned thanks to some Albanian hackers effectively deleting the old site off my server. Thanks guys! I’m working to get all the content back up on the site but in the meantime you can check out the Boston Comics Roundtable and the Outbound blog. Outbound #2 is out soon and ‘Flek’…